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“One of the most animated, energetic and captivating stand up comedians.” Comment on a Comedy Club Feedback card

Xulf Ali brings a huge range of experiences in his comedy, from his single clubbing days to him working in a Call Center to his day to day adventures with his kids.

Xulf started his career performing Improv in Dubai, at Dubomedy Comedy School. His passion and wit got him to the mainstage in a short time and he toured around United Arab Emirates with the mainstage crew performing Improv and providing his spin on comedy.

Moving to Canada was initially a hurdle, till Xulf discovered The Second City in Toronto. There he studied Improvisation all over again but enjoyed every moment. After conquering all the levels to E and performing on the mainstage, he needed a new challenge and what better than Stand-up Comedy; where you are in charge of your success or failures. And the rest is history .

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